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Using both proven strategies and innovative techniques, we can improve your search engine rankings for target keywords that drive relevant viewers to your website.

We heard that you have a website for your business. That’s great! You are now one step ahead in improving your online presence.

You might be thinking, probably you can just relax and wait for the leads coming from your newly developed site. We hate to break your bubble but having a website per se is not enough. It has to be visible online to generate more traffic and hopefully, conversions.


Why is it important for your business?

“The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google.”

According to research, 95% of the website traffic is harnessed by the websites on the first page of Google. When you have a site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be magically on page one (even on the second). You’ll have to invest time and a lot of effort to reach the top of Google search result and maintain it.

With the right keywords and combination of on and off-page optimization, your website’s ranking can be improved until it reaches the top spot. A search engine optimization campaign may take longer to see significant results compared to pay-per-click ads but this will benefit your digital presence and organic traffic in the long run.


We will conduct a keyword study to make sure that we’ll be optimizing the top search terms for your business.


S & Y will further improve your website by applying custom titles and meta descriptions, keyword insertion, heading tags optimization, internal link building and other on-site best practices.


Apart from optimizing the inner pages of your site, we will also conduct backlinking efforts to increase referrals from external sites.


A comprehensive report of all the digital efforts will be provided so we can see the progress on the website traffic and rankings.

We are S & Y Digital Marketing

We are a group of innovative and energetic group of professionals  —a diverse multi-racial team bounded with a passion for digital marketing. Here at S & Y, we don't have layers on layers of hierarchy, we truly listen to you, the customer on what your needs are and focus on delivering a data-driven & personalized digital marketing service. We are transforming on pace with leading global businesses to bring maximum customer satisfaction and profitability to our clients.


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