A new business based in Quezon City, looking to gain market share and expand nationwide in the Philippines engaged S & Y Digital Marketing for their digital marketing strategy & implementation


  • Poor Website Design & Low Search Engine Ranking

  • Dependent on expensive marketing channels with high monthly fees

  • High Website Bounce Rate

  • No Social Media page

  • Relying heavily on traditional sales and lead generation approaches that are highly labour intesive - cold calling, manual emailing, word-of-mouth

  • Lack of a Retail location unlike competitors 

With a brand new business established in 2017, the founder was faced with the challenge of competing against well established competitors with retail stores in major malls nationwide. With an initial low budget that was being drained by paid advertising on generic markets, it was extremely difficult for Awards Central to stand out against the competition.



  • Increase Visitor Traffic nationwide in the Philippines, with additional emphasis on clients near the location

  • Increase number of inbound leads

  • Provide superior user experience

  • Wow Visitors & Potential Clients

  • Increase Brand & Company Awareness

  • Improved Marketing Collaterals 

After a review of the challenges faces by Awards Central Philippines, the main objective was to create visually appealing multi-lingual websites, drive potential and existing clients with targeted demographics and also maximize engagement with stunning visuals, strategically presented information.


03 the solution

  • Website with modern and visually appealing design

  • Daily Social Media Posting - various post types such as project, product, holiday, testimonial for maximum engagement

  • On-site & Offsite Search Engine Optimization

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing - Google & Facebook Ads with targeted demographics & budget

  • Fornightly Email Marketing Campaign 


A clean website with the full product range was created to allow customers to select their prefererred designs early on, reducing the amount of back and forth between Awards Central's sales team and the customer. On-site optimization was also implemented to boost SEO rankings.



Given a specific budget, S & Y Digital Marketing completed an iterative study to maximize the ROI of the Pay-per-click marketing strategy. Utilising both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, S & Y Digital Marketing was able to boost website visitors and customers by more than 100%.


Awards Central produced an Audio Video Presentation for a large event recognizing up and coming businesses. S & Y produced a stylish video with exciting transitions showcasing Awards Central's product line, capabilities and reputable client base.

Throughout a two year period, S & Y Digital Marketing worked with the Awards Central to create a new website, increase visitors & improve website KPIs like bounce rate, time per visit, webpages opened per visit and more. Marketing Collaterals such as brochures, catalogues, email signatures were created.



Understanding the client's product line was essential, so S & Y Digital Marketing created both on-site & off-site optimizations for over 100 keywords. Affiliate marketing was also integrated. Within 3 months, Awards Central's website was listed on high on Page 1 of Google within 4 months of website release.



Strategically targeting existing clients, leads generated through the website and other sources, S & Y produced engaging and interesting Email Marketing Blasts to over 10,000 high quality addresses, with a high open rate, low bounce rate and a high percentage of click-throughs.


04 the RESULTS

  • Highly Visited Website - one of the highest visited Awards website's in the Philippines

  • Page 1 Google rankings for a large number of keywords

  • Effective Lead Generation through: Website, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, App, Youtube

  • Over 4,000 facebook followers with high engagement & daily posting

  • Over 800% increase in employee count due to increased sales

  • Opened 3 new branches in Paranaque, Cebu and Aklan

  • Email Marketing list of over 10,000 high quality addresses with a high open rate and low bounce rate

  • Year on Year Sales Growth in Philippines of over 2,000%  in 2018 & 185% in 2019 

The results speak for themselves, Awards Central Philippines was able to grow their closed sales, increased client base, number of inquiries, number of followers on Social Media and more. S & Y Digital Marketing continues to maintain all websites and social media to ensure high website rankings, high stakeholder engagement and keep up with the latest digital trends in the industry.


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